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Rendering Benfleet

Have you considered Rendering your property in Benfleet?

Silkrender Ltd offers a variety of rendering services depending on your budget and tastes.
If you would like to discuss your needs feel free to contact us here

You may have noticed more and more houses in your local area now being covered in the coloured render, this adds insulation to the property and curb appeal .. so why not have a chat with us about rendering Benfleet as we are a company based in Essex who cover all the major towns.. Benfleet being one of them.

This coloured render is called ‘monocoque’ and has many fantastic benefits.. its long-lasting and requires low maintenance and because it is a pigmented render it does not need painting .. which means no once a year up ladders trying to paint the brickwork!

If you are building a new extension and you would like the additional part of the building to blend in with the original structure then rendering Benfleet could be the answer to give your structure the continuity it deserves. With the increase of garden offices and garden rooms it maybe that you wish your outbuilding to blend in with your home so again we can advise you on this strategy and guide you as to the insulative benefits of monocouche rendering applied to an outbuilding.

Monocouche rendering is also great for the British weather, especially our winters, as it is totally waterproof and weather proof and will remain so for the duration of its life span. To have a look at some of the different colours that we offer do have a look at our Gallery here

Silkrender Ltd have been rendering properties in Benfleet for the last 25 years so they possess an abundance of experience to regenerate your property and weatherproof it for the next 25 years if you are interested in discovering more about the benefits of monocouche rendering then feel free to click here and have a read

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